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Developing Therapeutics Against Virtually Any Target with a New Generation of Antibody Libraries

18 January 2022, Tuesday

11:00am SGT

Webinar Description

Twist’s massively parallel silicon-based DNA synthesis platform produces highly uniform and accurate oligos, with 90% of oligos represented within <2.5x of the mean, along with an industry-leading low error rate of 1:2,000 nt.

Combined with our well established molecular biology expertise, the Twist oligo synthesis platform enables the fabrication of highly diverse gene mutant libraries with excellent variant representation and highly specific user-defined composition with no unwanted bias or motifs. Twist library technology enables a comprehensive interrogation of the variant sequence space.

Twist Biopharma, a vertical within Twist Bioscience, has developed a Library of Libraries containing multiple pre-constructed and validated libraries against many high-value targets with which scientists can build a comprehensive and robust antibody discovery platform.
In this webinar, you'll learn
  • How Twist Bioscience leverages DNA synthesis capability to provide unique advantages for lead antibody identification and optimization
  • How precise amino acid ratio control in every position allows for targeted antibody optimization
  • How Twist Biopharma’s innovative “Library of Libraries” creates new sequence space for therapeutic development, specifically for hard-to-drug targets
  • How TAO (Twist Antibody Optimization) platform enables the generation of antibody sequences that are fully human and devoid of manufacturing liabilities

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Bernd Willems

Libraries and SynBio Application Specialist
Twist Bioscience

Bernd studied Biology at the University of Cologne in Germany and went on to do his PhD at the National University in Singapore doing Developmental Genetics research in Zebrafish. He started his corporate career coordinating clinical trials at a German Hospital consortium and later worked as the Global Product Manager for QIAGEN's PCR portfolio. He then returned to Singapore to represent the German Biotech Startup AYOXXA in APAC and eventually joined Twist where he is now working as the Application Specialist for our Synthetic Biology portfolio comprising Genes, Oligo Pools and DNA Variant Libraries.

Jay Yang

Business Development Manager SynBio and Biopharma
Twist Bioscience

Jay received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto in Canada in 2012, where his research work contributed to a better understanding in genome stability and DNA double-stranded break repair. After graduation, Jay joined Singer Instruments as a Scientific Advisor, helping labs automate workflows for strain engineering and drug screening in microbial organisms. In 2017, Jay worked as a Market Development Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, promoting bioscience out-licensing solutions to biotech and pharma companies. Jay is now a Business Development Manager at Twist Biopharma, a division of Twist Bioscience, where he establishes partnership agreements with biologics developers to accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery and optimization.
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