Using Next Generation CRISPR Screens To Advance Our Understanding of T Cell Biology

Limitless Discoveries with Twist’s Oligo Pools

Date & Time

April 6, 2022 | 10:00 am SGT

Webinar Description

A better understanding how the fate of T cells is controlled will further our knowledge of adaptive immunity, which in turn could yield insights into how we respond to pathogens, allergens and tumours.

Join us for this Twist-hosted webinar with Dr. Hongling Huang, Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, to learn how they have been using in vivo CRISPR screens to reveal regulators of T cell fate decisions. Discover how Twist’s Oligo Pools paves the way for the next generation CRISPR screens and enables limitless discoveries in your research

In this webinar you will
  • Hear about the systematic investigation of metabolic factors in fate determination of T cells during viral infection and tumor challenge.
  • Hear how the lab identified negative regulators of TMEM responses,
  • Understand that nutrient signaling is the key determinant of T cell fate and shapes the quantity and quality of TMEM responses.
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Dr. Huang Hongling

School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University

Dr. Huang Hongling’s research interest lies in the immune signaling underlying the differentiation and function of T cells, a central cell type in adaptive immunity and cancer immunotherapy. He applies systems biology approaches, such as single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq), CRISPR screening and the integrative network analysis, to reconstruct molecular hubs for T cell fate decision in tumor, infection, and auto-immunity diseases as well as in healthy condition. His work could shed light on understanding fundamental mechanisms of immune regulation and pave the way for better immunotherapy.

Dr. Julian Jude

Scientific Development Manager, Synthetic Biology
Twist Bioscience

Dr. Julian Jude completed his Ph.D. at Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, developing an arrayed shRNA screening platform. He then moved on to do his postdoc at Prof. Johannes Zuber laboratory at the IMP in Vienna where he developed functional genomics tools. He performed >70 genome-wide shRNA and CRISPR screens probing for drug synergy, synthetic lethality and drug targets. He collaborated closely with Dr. Ulrich Elling at IMBA to develop the VBC score sgRNA design algorithm. Dr. Jude then became a team leader at AelianBiotechnology to build a CROP-Seq screening platform, merging single-cell CRISPR screens with single-cell RNAseq before changing gears to join Twist Bioscience.
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