Harnessing the diversity of CRISPR-Cas proteins for genome editing

Overcoming the limitations of the Cas9 PAM requirements

Date & Time

December 2nd, 2021 | 8 am PST (5pm CET)

Webinar Description

The efficiency and ease of use of the CRISPR-Cas9 system has led to its rapid adoption as a robust and versatile genome editing tool. However, limitations remain - not least the constraint of the Cas9 protospacer adjacent motif (PAM), which limits the locations that can be targeted.

One way to overcome this is to explore the natural variation afforded by other CRISPR-associated (Cas) enzymes - which provide a rich resource for the development of RNA-guided genome editing tools with diverse and potentially beneficial properties.

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how CasZyme applied cell-free biochemical screens to assess DNA cleavage requirements of nearly 80 Cas9 orthologues of Type II family and Cas-beta proteins from novel type V family.
  • See the wide range of activities that this set of programmable nucleases demonstrate in vitro and in the cellular environment.
  • Discuss the natural diversity of Cas proteins as a source of novel gene editing tools.

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Dr. Giedrius Gasiunas
Chief Scientific Officer | CasZyme

Dr. Giedrius Gasiunas is Chief Scientific Officer, who leads R&D projects at CasZyme. He also is a senior researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology of Life Sciences Center, Vilnius University, and member of Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. He obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at Prof. V. Siksnys laboratory (Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University) in 2012. During the PhD he studied the mechanism of Cas9 protein activity, demonstrating that it is the programmable RNA guided DNA endonuclease. Giedrius Gasiunas is a co-author of 28 scientific publications, which are cited more than 3050 times and was involved in several Cas9 related patent applications.
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