DNA methylation biomarker discovery for complex diseases using Twist Human Methylome

How Diagenode are deploying the Twist Human Methylome Panel for biomarker discovery

Date & Time

September 1st, 2022 | 5pm CEST (8am PDT)

Webinar Description

DNA methylation describes the addition of a methyl group to the DNA molecule, which, in the human genome, most commonly occurs at cytosine nucleotides. These methylated cytosines are often found in concentrated regions known as CpG islands and play a key role in gene expression and function.

Whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) is the gold standard technique for genome-wide CpG analysis; however, it is expensive and provides relatively low depth of coverage. Alternatively, array-based methylation analysis combines sensitivity with lower costs but can only survey a limited number of CpGs (typically up to 850,000), making it unsuitable for biomarker discovery applications.

In this webinar, Matteo Tosolini, PhD, will detail how the Twist Human Methylome Panel helps them to overcome these challenges, enabling affordable, sensitive, and high-coverage analysis of over four million CpGs across both DNA strands.

In this webinar you will:
  • Get the latest insights into comprehensive and sensitive analysis of CpGs
  • Hear about the unique library preparation process that delivers 15% more CpGs than bisulfite conversion
  • Discover why Diagenode partnered with Twist to offer a complete end-to-end human methylome sequencing service - from solid and liquid biopsy samples
  • Learn about a revolutionary tool that boosts efficiency of the biomarker discovery for complex diseases
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Matteo Tosolini, PhD
Epigenomic Services Product Manager | Diagenode, a Hologic Company

Matteo obtained his PhD in 2016 from Paris-Saclay University, where he studied epigenetic mechanisms in mouse embryonic stem cells. He joined Diagenode in 2017 as Research Scientist in the Service Team and is now Product Manager for Epigenomic Services.
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