Enzyme identification and engineering for novel industrial enzymes

Biocatalysis discovery powered by Twist Genes

Date & Time

November, 24th 2020 | 8am PDT (5pm CEST)

Webinar Description

In the last 40 years, advances in protein engineering and evolution have prompted the application of biocatalysts in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), as well as fine and bulk chemicals for the agrochemical, food, biofuel, and pharmaceutical industries.

Computational chemistry methodologies in conjunction with smart variant library generation and high-throughput screening are fueling the development of a new generation of rationally designed biocatalysts with enhanced selectivity and specificity at a fraction of the time and cost of what was achievable a mere decade ago. 

Join our webinar with Dr. Derek Quinn, Senior Biology Team Leader for Biocatalysis at Almac Sciences, to:
  • Learn how novel biocatalysts can be identified using bioinformatics, in silico design, gene synthesis, and rapid screening.
  • Hear how the best candidate enzymes can then be further improved by engineering/evolution.
  • Review several case studies showcasing this approach.
  • See how Almac is leveraging Twist’s scalable DNA synthesis platform to power these projects with many hundreds of genes.
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Dr. Derek Quinn
Senior Biology Team Leader Biocatalysis | Almac Sciences

Derek Quinn graduated from The Queen’s University of Belfast with both a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and a Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Enzyme Evolution. He joined the Almac biocatalysis group in 2011, heading the biology function and driving forward the biocatalyst engineering and high-throughput screening capabilities to become an industry leader.
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