Twist Bioscience: High Throughput Antibody Expression Service

Twist Helps to Accelerates Antibody Discovery Process

Date & Time

September 7, 2022 | 11 am SGT

Webinar Description

High throughput is a key advantage of phage display, but this advantage is squandered in labs not equipped to reformat, express, and purify large numbers of antibodies for characterization. With its High-Throughput Antibody Production Platform, Twist offers a gene-to-protein workflow that eliminates this bottleneck by enabling the production of tens to thousands of diverse antibodies for downstream biophysical and pharmacokinetic screening assays. At the core of this platform is Twist’s silicon-based DNA synthesis process, which can precisely and uniformly write thousands of genes in a single run.

What you will learn from this webinar:
  • How Twist bridges the throughput gap between hit identification and characterization in antibody development
  • How Twist’s DNA synthesis platform enables high-throughput antibody production
  • What antibody formats and specifications are available
  • Everything else you need to know to start obtaining more leads

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Bernd Willems, Ph.D.
Libraries and SynBio Application Specialist, Twist Bioscience

Bernd studied Biology at the University of Cologne in Germany and went on to do his PhD at the National University in Singapore doing Developmental Genetics research in Zebrafish. He started his corporate career coordinating clinical trials at a German Hospital consortium and later worked as the Global Product Manager for QIAGEN's PCR portfolio. He then returned to Singapore to represent the German Biotech Startup AYOXXA in APAC and eventually joined Twist where he is now working as the Application Specialist for our Synthetic Biology portfolio comprising Genes, Oligo Pools and DNA Variant Libraries.
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