Writing The Future of Human Genetics with Twist Bioscience

Date & Time

May 18, 2022 | 11 am SGT

Seminar Description

Our seminar, “Writing the Future of Human Genetics with Twist Bioscience” is bringing together three human genetics experts elucidating some of the most complex challenges in human genomics research.

From exome panels to targeted sequencing, Twist DNA tools are empowering the groundbreaking discoveries made in our speakers’ laboratories. Learn from real-world examples how scientists at Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (the first clinically accredited genomics lab in Australia), the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and Genome Opinion, Inc. are advancing clinical genomics, breast cancer research, and cardiovascular disease research.

In this seminar, you will learn:
  • How a clinical genomic testing lab overcame challenges as they transit from physically targeted panels to in-silico exome panels, and the benefits of using exome sequencing as a central platform for a wide range of clinical genomics applications in the lab
  • How targeted methylation sequencing of the entire promoter regions of 13 HBC genes enables the studies of the role of inherited promoter hypermethylation and how it contributes to hereditary breast cancer
  • How genetic testing and metabolic PRS were developed to predict Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) incidence

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Sebastian Lunke
Head of Division of Genetics and Genomics, Victorian Clinical Genetics Services

A/Prof Sebastian Lunke is the Head of Division of Genetics and Genomics at the Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS) in Melbourne, Australia. Following his PhD in epigenetics and several years working as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne, where he developed assays for cancer genomics, he started re-training as a medical scientist with the Faculty of Science at the Royal College of Pathologist Australasia in 2014. Today, his team at VCGS constitutes one of the largest clinically accredited genomics laboratories in Australia, with a strong focus on translating novel technologies into clinical practice.


Ian Campbell
Co-Head of the Women’s Cancer Program, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Professor Campbell is co-Head of the Women’s Cancer Program at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Professor in the Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology at the University of Melbourne, Australia and Principal investigator of the Lifepool study (www.lifepool.org). Professor Campbell has over 30 years research experience into the somatic and germline genetics of breast and ovarian cancer exemplified by seminal discoveries in the origins of ovarian cancer and the first identification of mutations in a PI3K pathway gene which are now among the most important therapeutic targets in cancer. He was a pioneer in applying next generation sequencing technology to the identification of new cancer predisposition genes and in population-based genetic testing for high-risk cancer predisposition genes.


Hogune Im
Head of Science, Genome Opinion inc, South Korea

Dr. Im received his PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Then he joined Prof. Michael Synder’s lab at Stanford university. During his postdoc training, he developed human TF proteome array and utilized NGS to understand MDS, pulmonary hypertension and stem cell biology. he then joined Samsung SDS as an associate scientist in genomics division. He is currently serve as a head of science at Genome Opinion building NGS based diagnostics and therapeutic biomarkers identification project.

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