Explore Sequence Space With Twist Bioscience Spread Out Low Diversity Libraries

Date & Time

September 23rd, 2020 | 8 am PDT (5 pm CEST)

Webinar Description

New from Twist Bioscience, our Spread-Out Low Diversity (SOLD) libraries provide a quick and precise tool for mapping protein sequences to explore the complex relationship between the protein and its environment. Join us and hear from Twist Bioscience Product Manager Lucy Xu, to learn how a SOLD library could accelerate enzyme and protein engineering in your lab.

In this webinar you will…
  • Hear why Twist’s SOLD Libraries are ideal for scientists working on enzyme evolution and protein stability, who are looking to improve specificity, thermostability, processivity and/or performance.
  • See how scattering diversity across the parental sequence enables mutations in multiple domains to be explored simultaneously.
  • Understand how Twist’s silicon based DNA synthesis enables the best possible library versus NNK and trinucleotide mutagenesis (TRIM) technology, with balanced codon usage, avoidance of restriction sites and unnecessary mutations and a low error rate.
  • Review what you can expect if you order a SOLD library – including NGS verification, and a library that is cloning-ready.
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Lucy Xu
Product Manager, Libraries | Twist Bioscience

Lucy J. Xu is the Product Manager for Libraries. She graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Bioengineering Biotechnology. Lucy joined Twist Bioscience’s Research and Development team in 2016 when it was first developing combinatorial variant libraries. She’s collaborated with leaders from small biotechs to big pharmaceuticals to build custom libraries that precisely target their needs. Since then she’s led development efforts to further grow both the site variant and combinatorial variant library products to tackle challenges in antibody engineering, protein engineering and directed evolution.
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