Nature and nurture for improved enzyme activity

Using diverse native sequences and directed evolution to improve enzyme activity on target reactions

Date & Time

November 19th, 2020 | 8am PDT (5pm CEST)

Webinar Description

In the field of Industrial Biotechnology, the aim is to discover and develop more efficient, biologically-driven pathways through which useful materials can be manufactured at scale. To do this, scientists can combine the elegant solutions already offered by nature with the latest advances in sequencing and DNA synthesis to achieve leaps forward in both speed of discovery and gains in enzymatic efficiency.

With this in mind, Protéus by Seqens combines a collection of over 6000 microorganism strains with expertise in pathway engineering, directed evolution, and biocatalysis.

Join our webinar with Christophe Ullmann, Project Manager at Protéus by Seqens, to:
  • Learn about Protéus’ collection of microorganisms, including over one thousand strains that are fully sequenced.
  • Hear how Protéus uses this resource to access millions of exclusive sequences and identify new enzymes with potential high activity and patentability.
  • Learn about how these enzymes offer a starting point for directed evolution programs powered by Protéus’ proprietary technologies, Evosight™, based on error prone PCR, and L-Shuffling™, based on random recombination, for direct evolution.
  • Hear how Protéus leverages the scalability of Twist’s DNA synthesis for big and small screening projects, with the same quality and turnaround time regardless of the number of genes.
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Christophe Ullmann
Protéus by Seqens

Christophe Ullmann studied biotechnology in Strasbourg, he works at Protéus since 2000. He was involved in almost all directed evolution programs performed at Proteus as technician, assistant engineer and project leader since 2012.
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