Hybrid capture-based methylation sequencing delivers highly efficient target enrichment for sensitive liquid biopsy approaches

Sensitive methylation sequencing of ctDNA for early cancer detection

Date & Time

March 10th, 2022 | 4pm CET (7am PDT)

Webinar Description

Early detection of cancer is key for improved survival rates as treatment options are more likely to be successful. Liquid biopsy-based early screening tools, however, pose both biological and analytical challenges due to low tumor DNA shedding and the low analytical sensitivity of many existing approaches.

Hybrid capture-based enrichment of differentially methylated regions, combined with computational biology and machine learning approaches, allows researchers to overcome these challenges, delivering highly efficient and uniform analysis of the targets of interest, leading to early and accurate identification of cancer signals.

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how DNA circulating in the blood can be used to detect cancer from very small sample amounts
  • Hear how the methylation status of circulating tumor DNA can support early cancer detection
  • Discover why Universal Diagnostics partnered with Twist Bioscience to develop their NGS liquid biopsy assay, centered around the hybrid capture of DNA fragments of interest

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Kristi Kruusmaa
Head of Research, Universal Diagnostics S.L.

Kristi Kruusmaa has degrees in Genetics and Biotechnology& Biochemistry accompanied with 10+ years of working experience in the biotechnology. Skilled in fields of genetics, cancer biology, liquid biopsy, method development and data analysis. Currently leading work of multidisciplinary team in diagnostic product development process with main focus on GI tract cancers.
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